Airo Bike Seat Launches

Airo Bike Seat launches a patented bike saddle design that’s engineered to eliminate soft tissue pressure ensuring that pain and discomfort associated with recreational, road and mountain biking is greatly reduced or eliminated entirely.

New bike seat will give your butt wings

Pain and numbness in the butt/crotch is a common complaint among cyclists, which has led to the development of various types of saddles that are claimed to address the problem.

Health Benefits of Recreational Cycling

Regular physical activity assists the body in fending off serious issues such as obesity, heart disease, cancer, mental illness, diabetes and arthritis. A sedentary lifestyle is a precursor to many of these issues and recreational cycling is just the ticket to reduce the risks associated with inactivity. Cycling is an easy, low impact exercise to literally change your life. It’s also fun, good for the environment and inexpensive. Why wouldn’t you take up cycling?

Bicycle Tourism

Have you ventured out on a day trip or maybe a week long pedal fest? Maybe the thought of a winery tour by bicycle has crossed your mind. Has your community embraced bicycle tourism? If not, maybe somebody should get on that. Bicycling is one of the fastest growing types of outdoor recreation and tourism and communities are capitalizing on the economic benefits that bicycle tourism generate.

The Importance of Bicycle Set Up

Have you ever jumped on a bike to go for a spin and everything just feels wrong? It’s uncomfortable, the pedals feel weird and you might experience some pain here and there. Bicycle set up is important. For obvious comfort and enjoyment reasons you want to ensure that the bicycle is optimally set up for your riding style but it is very important to avoid pain, joint soreness and a multitude of other complaints that could be avoided by taking some time to get the set up right.

Keep Yourself Safe and Enjoy the Ride

It’s May, time for many to haul their bikes out of the garage, pump up those tires and get on the road or trail. How do you stay safe? More and more we are seeing bike accidents detailed in our newsfeeds. Is this a result of more people taking up riding? Maybe it’s connected to poor maintenance on a bike that’s been sitting in a garage for too long. There can be many reasons. Most important is keeping yourself safe while enjoying your ride.

Why is a comfortable bike saddle important?

The wrong saddle will impact not only your overall enjoyment and comfort on the bike but also your performance and health. For the casual cyclist who isn’t used to hours in the saddle every week you know that you are going to feel discomfort, numbness, pain and maybe all of the above from your bike saddle. Maybe you’ve accepted this as a cycling side effect, something you put up with now and then. But at what cost?

5 Tips for Early Season Training

These days, many cyclists take very short breaks from cycling, if any, during the winter. However, many of us also face lack of motivation due to short days, work commitments and thoroughly miserable weather. What to do if the call of Netflix was too strong and your weekly training has all but disappeared?

Mens Health & Cycling – As Seen on The Doctors

At Airo, we watched this recent segment of ‘The Doctors’ where they discussed the potential health problems affecting men as a result of cycling. As avid cyclists, we too experienced the discomfort, numbness and pain associated with a bicycle saddle. That’s why the Airo Bike Seat™ was invented.