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The Multi Purpose Bike Seat Designed for Men.

The Secret to Airo's Superior Comfort

The Airo Bike Seat is designed and engineered to be a well-rounded bike saddle for all cyclists. Our patented design ensures that pain and discomfort associated with recreational, road and mountain biking is greatly reduced or eliminated entirely. Airo Bike Seat’s mission is to be your most comfortable ride while promoting the overall health and well-being of you, our riders.

Designed for Men, Backed by Science

Relieves pressure from soft tissue

Reduces impact pressure

Adapts to your body & riding position

Check out the Innovative Airo Bike Seat in Action!

Airo Bike Seat for Men

Ergomically designed for maximum comfort and support.

Absorbs bumps for additional comfort in forward riding positions and designed for men to reduce pressure in sensitive areas.
Adapts to any riding position, while limiting pelvic twisting and stabilizes lower back. Absorbs bumps and road chatter.
Pressure mapping indicates excellent weight distribution on the sit bones and the absence of any pain points.

The Science just makes sense

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The Airo Bike Seat

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