Mens Health & Cycling – As Seen on The Doctors

At Airo, we watched this recent segment of ‘The Doctors’ where they discussed the potential health problems affecting men as a result of cycling. As avid cyclists, we too experienced the discomfort, numbness and pain associated with a bicycle saddle. That’s why the Airo Bike Seat™ was invented.

Their advice on how to avoid potential issues included relieving pressure on the sensitive areas, rising up in the saddle and positioning the saddle in a nose down setup. These are all sensible ideas but the Airo Bike Seat™ is the real solution to saddle pressure and numbness.

The Airo Bike Seat’s innovative design and Wing-Spring™ technology resulted in a patent in 2016. The saddle transmits minimal pressure to your sit bones and sensitive soft tissue, and provides superior pelvic support and spinal posture.

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