Airo Bike Seat Launches

Airo Bike Seat launches a patented bike saddle design that’s engineered to eliminate soft tissue pressure ensuring that pain and discomfort associated with recreational, road and mountain biking is greatly reduced or eliminated entirely.

Kelowna, BC 14 September, 2018 Today, Airo Bike Seat™, a division of Hammerhead Innovations Inc., launches their innovative bicycle saddles the Airo Sport and the Airo Active. The patented Airo saddle design with its engineered Wing-Spring™ technology is set to transform the cycling industry. This technology ensures that pain and discomfort associated with recreational, road and mountain biking is greatly reduced or eliminated entirely.

“Our core mission is to improve the overall health and well-being of our riders by removing one of the biggest obstacles to cycling, the associated pain and discomfort of time in the saddle. Riders can now enjoy cycling more often and for longer periods of time when comfortably supported by the Airo Bike Seat” says Lyle Portz, founder and Chief Imagineer of the design. “The Wing-Spring™ on either side of the flexible horn lifts the rider off sensitive soft tissue and supports your frame entirely on your sit bones. The Wing-Spring™ then responds dynamically while riding to maintain the correct pelvic support in the riding position whilst also absorbing any impact pressure from the road or trail. This technology allows the rider to stay comfortably seated and able to ride for longer periods without experiencing pain or discomfort.”

David MacLeod, AScT Certified Bike Fit Professional says that the Airo Bike Seat™ is “a sleek design made to avoid all of the usual issues encountered with many bike seats: central pressure, pain, numbness and saddle sores. On testing in our Cycling Analysis Studio, we found excellent pressure mapping data with even distribution of loading areas, low pressures with no compression of soft tissues which means it is not likely to produce nerve or tissue damage and discomfort.”

The Airo Sport, 155mm and Airo Active 180mm are available for purchase exclusively through Airo Bike Seat’s website. For further information or to purchase your new Airo Bike Seat™ please visit

About Hammerhead Innovations Inc:
Founded in 1995, Hammerhead Innovations Inc. is an innovative product company headquartered in Kelowna, BC Canada.

Enjoy the Ride!

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