5 Tips for Early Season Training

These days, many cyclists take very short breaks from cycling, if any, during the winter.

However, many of us also face lack of motivation due to short days, work commitments and thoroughly miserable weather. What to do if the call of Netflix was too strong and your weekly training has all but disappeared?

  1. Typically, each week off the bike means two weeks of training to recover your form. Get your calendar out and make a plan.
  2. Ease back into the saddle. Don’t risk injury and fatigue by overdoing it and harming yourself or losing interest before the season even starts.
  3. Aim to ride 2-3 times each week and make certain to schedule in periods of rest to allow your body to recover.
  4. Focus on improving your strength and endurance on the bike. Intervals, hilly terrain and building to rides of longer duration will be the keys to success.
  5. Enjoy your training! Conditioning yourself properly to enter the riding season should be enjoyable. Take the time to plan out your training schedule to ensure you get the most out of the upcoming season.

Enjoy the Ride!