Introducing the Airo Bike Seat

The Multi Purpose Bike Seat Designed for Men.

Airo is engineered to be the most comfortable bike saddle you’ll ever ride.

Regardless of your body type or riding style, the Wing-Spring™ technology creates a superior riding experience. Pressure is reduced where contact is necessary and eliminated where it’s not.

Independent pressure mapping comparing Airo to traditional bike saddles.

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Airo Features

Patented Wing-SpringTM Technology

Adapts to any riding position, while limiting pelvic twisting and stabilizes lower back. Absorbs bumps and road chatter.

Flexible Central Horn

Absorbs bumps for additional comfort in forward riding positions and designed for men to reduce pressure in sensitive areas.

Premium Gel Padding on Horn & Wings

Durable premium materials engineered to last for miles of comfort on the open road.

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Give the Gift of Comfort