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What the %$#& is Wing-Spring™ Technology?

Wing-Spring™ technology is what makes the Airo Bike Seat unique in the bicycle accessory market and differentiates our seat from all competitors. The Airo Bike Seat creates a new category of bike seat. No longer is “comfortable bike seat” an oxymoron. The innovation required in creating the Airo Bike Seat resulted in a successful patent grant in 2016. We think that’s pretty special.

Our patented technology positions each Wing-Spring™ to lift your body weight up and off your sensitive bits to keep you supported correctly; on your sit bones.

But wait….there’s more. Really, read on.

Wing-Spring™ technology also reduces impact pressure from the terrain while riding. No matter if you are shredding some trail or cruising the pavement your ride will be smoother and more comfortable through the absorption of impact by the Wing-Spring™ and flexible horn. Didn’t see that unfortunate tree root? No worries, we’ve got you.

Whether you’re riding in an upright or more aggressive forward position, the Wing-Spring™ responds dynamically to maintain proper seat/butt contact. We’re pretty excited by that as you can now ride longer without the painful regret.

Airo Bike Seat with patented Wing-Spring™ technology
Enjoy the Ride!

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