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Pressure Mapping

As a rider, the saddle on your bicycle is incredibly important to ensure your ride is enjoyable. The wrong saddle will impact not only your overall enjoyment and comfort on the bike but also your performance and health.

As a rider you are well aware that the struggle with saddle discomfort is real. Pain and/or numbness is often caused by areas of high pressure due to incorrect saddle choice or position. There are a multitude of studies on how this can negatively impact a rider’s health [1]

What is Pressure Mapping?

Pressure mapping is now a major component in bicycle fitting. The process accurately measures how pressure is distributed on the saddle to determine which saddle and rider position is optimal for a rider’s comfort and performance. This effectively takes the guesswork out of which saddle to purchase. Using the gebioMized[2] equipment, the Airo Bike Seat has undergone extensive testing. This testing includes the use of a high-definition video technique and pressure measurement on all points of contact conducted under realistic conditions.

What should the results show?

Optimal pressure testing results will exhibit even pressure throughout the posterior/saddle interface with measured pressure values within safe norms for circulation and nerve health. This means that when riding, the sit bones will be supporting the rider’s weight and there will be little to no pressure on the perineal or pubic bone area when riding in an athletic or dynamic riding position. This is extremely important for both men and women as it is essential that these sensitive areas of nerves and blood vessels are not damaged. Symptoms of damage other than pain include numbness as a result of compressing the nerves or reducing blood flow. This damage can become chronic and introduce a number of further issues[3].

In reviewing a saddle’s pressure map, blue denotes areas of lowest pressure which then increase to turquoise, green, yellow, orange and finally to red where one would experience pain.

What are the test results for the Airo Bike Seat?

At the ideal seat setting of 1.5 degrees nose down, the Airo Bike Seat’s test results show zero pressure in the all-important perineal or pubic bone area with supported, balanced pressure being found in the sit bones, which has been greatly reduced. This was found to be the case in both athletic and dynamic riding positions and for both a male and a female rider. When compared against other respected saddles found in the market today, the results were compelling. The Airo Bike Seat’s pressure mapping results are unrivalled against other saddles currently on the market.

Why do the Airo Bike Seat results matter to me?

The incomparable results of the Airo Bike Seat mean that many if not most riders in any riding discipline will experience supported comfort that will not hamper cycling performance or negatively impact their health. This will enable riders to ride longer and more often if they wish. Airo Bike Seat riders will truly Enjoy the Ride.

[1] Gender Differences in Bicycle Saddle Pressure Distribution during Seated Cycling
[2] Gebiomized Website

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