The Importance of Bicycle Set Up

Have you ever jumped on a bike to go for a spin and everything just feels wrong? It’s uncomfortable, the pedals feel weird and you might experience some pain here and there. Bicycle set up is important. For obvious comfort and enjoyment reasons you want to ensure that the bicycle is optimally set up for your riding style but it is very important to avoid pain, joint soreness and a multitude of other complaints that could be avoided by taking some time to get the set up right.

Bike Saddle Tips

Uncomfortable bike seats are a thing. We all know this. If your bike seat (more properly known as a saddle) is uncomfortable or painful then you will be damaging your nether regions, you will not enjoy your ride, you will ride less and eventually you may take up some other sport. Like golf. Don’t do that. Comfort is a common issue and we feel that the Airo Bike Seat is the solution. Until you can get your hands on an Airo Bike Seat, here’s some tips on how to make your ride more enjoyable.