Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there are currently two models, the Airo Sport at 155mm and the Airo Active at 180mm
The Airo Sport weighs in at 535 grams and the Airo Active at 561 grams.
Our patented design and Wing-Spring™ technology allows the rider to be properly and comfortably supported on the sit bones with pressure taken away from the sensitive perineal or pubic bone area. Together with the flexible seat, impact from road or trail bumps and pavement chatter are greatly reduced offering the rider a comfortable ride and no negative health impact from riding a bicycle.
The Airo Sport model is 155mm wide and weighs 535 grams while the Airo Active model is 180mm wide and weighs 561 grams.
The Airo Bike Seat has been tested to a rider weight of 240lbs with no detrimental functional impact.
As with any bicycle seat, the Airo Bike Seat is adjustable, however the optimum position is with the nose positioned at 1.5 degrees down.
Optimal seat height is very important and a certified bike fitter should be consulted for assistance.
We believe that the Airo Bike Seat can be used in any type of riding.
As with any bike seat, ensure the seat is kept clean. No additional maintenance is required.
Airo Bike Seat products are warrantied against manufacturing defects only. Daily wear and tear, including damage sustained from impact, is not covered by our warranty.
If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you may return it within 30 days of your receipt date. Please verify that your package meets the conditions stated within our Return Policy Guidelines. Please refer to those guidelines under our Policies area of the website.
You certainly can wear bike shorts, however, our innovative design means that you no longer need to wear bike shorts to be comfortable.
Here, the difference between the two models is in the width. As the sit bone distance in men is usually narrower than that of women, this should be taken into account when purchasing.
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Currently the Airo Bike Seat is only available online through our website.
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